The Day-to-Day: Living in London as an Expat


  1. We’ve just returned to the UK after 6 years as expats and we’ll be moving to London on Saturday. I’m so excited and therefore consuming every post about London I can lay my hands on. This is by far the best I’ve read, in that it excited me about how our ‘normal’ day to day life can be. I can’t wait to settle into a routine in London. I also love that you hunt out cheap eats, because we’re all about that too!

    Does your dog-sitter take babies?! 😉

  2. Thank you for this insight! I’m planning to do the well-trodden path of moving to London in 2017 to make full use of my youth mobility visa. I cannot wait to live in the heart of Europe, and take trips all over the weekends!

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