50 (Almost) FREE Things to Do in Chiang Mai


  1. Liz says:

    Good compilation and I will definitely be saving this for the day I make it to Thailand 🙂 Good research!

  2. Audrey says:

    I’ve maybe done 5 of these, yikes! Good thing i’m back for round 2.

  3. This just might be the most detailed list of awesome free (or at least cheap) stuff to do in Chiang Mai that I’ve seen! I only wish I had it when I arrived there, clueless, 2 years ago!! Thanks for the awesome share, Alana!!

  4. Lindsay says:

    Wish I had had this list when I was there last year, though it was just for 2 days…. Will have to go back now!!

  5. Ivana says:

    Great list, thanks!! will definitely try some of those at the outskirts 🙂

  6. Marcela says:

    You can get some baby bananas for free. When I stayed there I got them from many places, almost like a “Complimentary sweet” 🙂

  7. raif says:

    Wow! So much information.
    My girlfriend and I are moving from london to Bangkok to teach English but we have 6 weeks to kill first. Chiang mai just got a bigger slice of those six weeks. Thank you so much.

  8. Wow this makes me miss Thailand so much! i lived up in Chiang Mai and Pai for a while…it was so magical! 🙂

  9. Arty Om says:

    Did 17-18 of the things mentioned in this list. Apart from the Hindu temple, there’s also a number of Sikh temples, and they like to offer food to visitors 🙂

  10. Ross says:

    A substantial list. Fair play for putting it together. I havent done close to half of these so I might have to head back to finish them off.

  11. toemailer says:

    Amazing place, one day maybe…

  12. Anais says:

    Great article Alana ! I followed your suggestions and went to Wat Sri Gerd for the monday meditation initiation, but it seems the monk in charge of it is away for a couple of months… the silver temple in wat sri suphan also organizes meditation on tuesday; thursday and sunday from 7:30PM.

  13. Shagun says:

    Am going to Chiang Mail this April for 10 days and list is wonderful to plan my days 🙂 thanks

  14. TramAnh says:

    that’s great list from you. I feel lucky and so excited that i search out your page, so I’m going to try some when I go there for the first time soon.

  15. Chiang Mai is cheap already, but FREE is so much better!! Great list!

  16. Fantastic post! Chiang Mai is my absolute favorite spot in Thailand. We were there last year and I fell in love. This year we will be going back, and thanks to your list here, we will have a few additional things to check out 😉

  17. This list is wonderful! May I know any guesthouse you wee able to stay in and their contact details? 🙂

    • Alana Morgan says:

      Thank you! I’ve actually stayed in a number of places, but some of the nicer guesthouses I usually recommend to friends *that are around $30-45 USD) are Tha Pae Boutique House, Villa Duang Champa and Green Tiger Guesthouse.

  18. Joan says:

    Such a great article for a budget traveller! Thank you so much for this wonderful read 🙂

  19. ruji says:

    hello! such a great list!!! we are spending a month in Chiang Mai this December. Love your blog 😉

  20. Liam says:

    Found this at the perfect time, arrived this morning. Great tips for the budget traveller!

  21. Chiang Mai is the only place I’ve seen in Thaïland and I really loved it! People were very kind, and there are plenty of things to do, it’s beautiful and friendly and THE FOOD. 😉 Great article anyway! I’ll pick some of your tips for my next trip there.

  22. Hannah says:

    Oh my! I’m seriously starting to think that I need to extend my stay in Chiang Mai, this list is amazing. I can’t wait to get there!

  23. Sally says:

    Great info, thank you. Im heading here for Songkran this year and always need free things to do!

  24. Nigel says:

    I did a complete 180 on Chiang Mai. At first I thought it was a really bland city. It took me a while but I eventually came to enjoy my time there! I’ll be saving this list for the next time I go back. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Janet Stone says:

    Thank you for this valuable information. Will be visiting in December.
    Where do the expats hang out? Great information, always look forward to your travels and suggestions.

    • Alana Morgan says:

      Thanks for reading! The expats hang out in coffee shops cause they’re all working online 😉 The North Gate Jazz Co Op, Wild Rose and Yoga Tree yoga studios and Sang Dee Gallery are all good places to meet more people who are based in Chiang Mai long term.

  26. Wow, what a great list! Chiang Mai is my town now and I am so happy here. There are really a lot of things to do. My favourite is to go for motorbike trips. There’s nothing better than that!

  27. Wow, this is a great post. Makes me realise just how many things I still haven’t done here in Chiang Mai – or even knew about!

  28. Sarah Jayne says:

    Thanks for the detailed list, I’ve added to my reading list so whenever I make it to Chiang mai in the coming month I won’t be overwhelmed (well perhaps in picking which to do first!) glad I stumbled on your blog.

    • Alana Morgan says:

      Yay! Let me know if you have any questions…there’s certainly a lot to do but part of Chiang Mai’s charm is simply wandering around, relaxing and seeing where the day leads…

  29. John Jones says:

    Thank you for such an informative site.


  30. Katie says:

    Great list, Alana! We are headed to Chiang Mai tomorrow, so we’ll be sure to try out a few of these 🙂

  31. Jorn says:

    Just came back from Wat Sri Gerd, the Monday meditation course doesn’t seem to be held there anymore. Asked around and nobody knew of it.. Went for the 120/h Thai massage there instead and it was great!

  32. stephanie says:

    OMG I loved Chiang Mai. Ive been there in 2015 for two weeks and in 2016 for two weeks. I love the city, the thai culture and western influences.
    Although i thought i had seen everything there, after reading this article i know i can go back to Chiang Mai again and see new things 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  33. HL Thailand says:

    I didn’t know that you can get a free tattoo in Chiang Mai! I’ll definitely try to have one when I get back. I guess what makes it interesting is that it’s special blessing performed from the monk.

  34. Leemai says:

    Subject : little more info for 50 things for free in CM

    i’m grateful with your info…many people follow your guidance, including me….I checked your helpful info and found this…..

    5. Eat at the Vegetarian Society – Though not 100% free, the Vegetarian Society lets you serve yourself up some veggie dishes and pay using the honor system with suggested, very small, donations. Heading away from Central Airport Plaza on Bunrueang Road look for a green sign on your left.

    As i am a regular member of Vegetarian Society for a 8 years, and what i have experienced are following:
    1 the lady at the food cashier there, will happily name the price ‘Free ka’ when you put only one food on your rice.

    2 The money you pay is not donation because of the price is clearly written in english.
    BUT you can donate your stuffs that you dont use any more to VS.

    3 Food and drink are free and and also you can take it back home for free with your own containers WHEN it is the special occasions such as main auspicious buddhism days, national mother’s day (12 AUG), etc…..

    4 It’s on Mahidol road, next to Bang Chak gas station (big green leaf). If Central airport is behind you, it’s after the second overpass.

    Be well…..

  35. yasmin says:

    This list is hilarious xD but defo helps when you are trying to be on a budget, if only mosquitos sucked fat and not blood then that would be a free way to lose weight xD

  36. Diane says:

    Hello! This list is awesome, I’m gonna be moving to Chiang Mai in about a month to teach, and I’ve never been there before! I’ve been teaching in southern Thailand for a year, but needed a change. So it’s good to see what Chaing Mai has available! So excited about the salsa lessons! lol, thanks 🙂

  37. Fantastic post, thank you!

  38. Conny says:

    JiT! Heading to CM over the weekend and this is the perfect find to get organised. Thanks so much Alana

  39. Ben Wilman says:

    Amazing list! Helped us loads! Recomme dation for places to get the sak yant done?

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