Staying at: Pullman Bangkok Hotel G


  1. Wow, this hotel looks fab! I’ll have to have a stay-cation in my own city!
    Great post!

  2. BABAK says:

    Nice blog and useful information…

  3. Cest La Vibe says:

    I need that foosball table!

  4. Frits says:

    So glad you liked this hotel – I also stayed here last time I went to BKK and really enjoyed it!
    Every time I go to BKK I try to stay in a different hotel – being a typical gemini I need to have some change and not always the same routine haha.
    Anyway – 2 things that I really liked about this hotel is upon walking up to and entering the lobby, there will always be more than one person opening and greeting you with a warm and sincere and friendly smile – how can one not feel special when being welcomed like that!
    And then also that they have the pool shower facilities that are offered free of charge if you check out and leave the hotel late – I hate heading to the airport not feeling fresh and ready for the flight!

    PS – I like your blog!

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