1. Tara says:

    Love this post about the old and new…very interesting. Besides learning a few things (tigers??) I want to start wrapping everything in banana leaves:)

    Great photos too!

  2. I have read some reports about some of the conservation parks setting up cameras to prove there are still tigers. i cant remember where I saw it but the report claimed there were approx. 200 tigers left. then again Ive heard claims like this are falsely made in order to get funding from different international organizations..

    • Alana says:

      No idea – it’s hard to tell what’s true or not…I’ve heard different things about the practices of some of the most well-known/respected elephant camps too…who knows! :/

  3. They do the plastic bags for drinks in China too! If you get anything to go at a fast food place the drink must also come in a bag. Sometimes it’s convenient if I’m carrying a lot of things, but otherwise I’m like “I don’t need this!!”

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