Chiang Mai Market Guide – Part III


  1. Ash Clark says:

    Id love to stock my house with furniture from JJ’s – best I work on getting the house first though…

  2. Adam Pervez says:

    My mom would love a visit to JJs!

  3. Jackie D says:

    It would be dangerous for me to be around so many awesome markets. Good bye, savings account.

  4. Aw, now I really want to get back there, your market round-up has me missing Chiang mai. one that I love THE fRIDAY MORNING MARKET. iT’S REALLY SMALL BUT HAS DELICIOUS SAMOSAS AND BURMESE FOODS THAT ARE HARDER TO FIND. IT’S near just adjacent to the mosque, and nearish to the night bazzar. go and try the vendors in the back left corner for as tasty breakfast you can’t find anywhere else! 🙂

  5. Wow.. I thought I’d been to all the markets in Chiang Mai, but apparently not! Nice finds! I’ll have to be sure to check them out next time I’m up there 🙂

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