Checking Out Phuket


  1. Katie says:

    Tu Kab Khao sounds amazing! Definitely noted in case I ever return to Phuket. Were you able to check out the little hike to Laem Promthep? Was a highlight of my trip there last year! Beautiful island views.

  2. vira says:

    oh wow, Phuket Town has really changed since my visit in 2008. haha, it WAS long time ago. I’d love to go there again

  3. Elizabeth says:

    First of all, did I see you in TBEX? 🙂 Second, I love Phuket! Lived there five years and just moved a few months ago to Chiang Mai. We were in Chalong and Phuket Town, the latter of which is my fav part of the island. My friends all go to the Bookhemian all the time, and I had a photoshoot there. 🙂 Did you go to Jui Tui shrine? It’s lovely, and there are many awesome and cheap vegetarian restaurants there. But near Bookhemian you can find some pretty epic Baba restaurants and another good cafe + restaurant is Kopi, which is honestly one of the coolest places on earth.

    • Alana Morgan says:

      I was there but don’t remember meeting you… I didn’t go to the Jui Tui shrine but think I will be going back to Phuket next month and will add it to the list…I also want to go to Kopi de Phuket! How are you finding Chiang Mai in comparison with Phuket? Let me know if you have any questions!

      • Elizabeth says:

        Yeah we didn’t meet but I thought I saw you at one of the tables that was in main eating area, during the speed networking thing. I ended up leaving early with my family, Mark Wiens, and Dwight from BKK Fatty and we had an early dinner. Met some amazing Thai bloggers at TBEX, glad I went!

        Phuket is so different from Chiang Mai it’s insane! I admit I had a culture shock because I was so used to island life and the Chinese-Thai and muslim culture of the South. But since we homeschool and I work from home, I am finding the North to be much better for making friends. I found it almost impossible to make friends in Phuket, as people tend to keep to themselves and chat in passing. I do miss Southern cuisine though and am a gigantic gaeng som lover, which I can’t get up here. I’d love to live in Chiang Rai someday, I found it so magical there!

        • Alana Morgan says:

          There are a few Southern food restaurants in Chiang Mai where you can get gaeng som, not sure if it’s as good as what you’re used to though. I go to one on Jhaban Road close to the corner with Intrwarorot Road in the Old City since it’s close to my house. And yes, super easy to meet people here! Although you have to get used to people coming and going a lot which is sometimes hard…

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