2016 Travel Resolutions


  1. Joella says:

    That would be an amazing road trip! Please stop by and say hi if you make it to Newport Beach! I want to go to Nicaragua this year- good job I’m going on Saturday! 🙂

  2. Katrinka says:

    Come to Turkey!!!

  3. Superacar says:

    Absolutely you should come to Turkey…

  4. Julie says:

    You should definitely try to make it to the Grand Canyon! You can’t even begin to imagine just how huge and amazing it is!! Also…Turkey (Istanbul) is one of my favorite places I’ve ever been. So. Much. History. And beauty all in one!

  5. Leah says:

    A US road trip of the west coast is actually something I’VE been hoping to do, too. Do you have any idea of when that might take place? It could be really super amazingly awesome to do it together…just sayin’! KEEP ME POSTED! I am tentatively thinking of being in the states from March to June…

  6. Grandad :-) says:

    Welcome home! I love all your travels–BUT– we have plenty of great sites right here at home! And – – you should take a trip down the West Coast – – from Seattle to San Diego. I have traveled every coastal road from northern part of Washington to Ensenada Mexico – – and you would enjoy most of it. I would not drive to Mexico now. Wherever I have traveled around the world – – I always compare it to California.! We have beautiful oceans and beaches – – San Francisco and the bridges – – largest trees in the world, redwoods – – mountains – – deserts, death Valley below sea level – – volcanoes – – sunbathing on the beach and five hours later snow skiing at Lake Tahoe – – Yosemite and other national parks – – wines and wineries famous around the world – – famous universities – – food – – meat and poultry shipped around the world – – high-tech centers famous around the world – – etc. etc.
    However – – I’m still envious – – and very proud – – of all that you have done! Keep it up.
    Love you.

  7. vira says:

    As usual, there are several places in Indonesia I want to visit, repeating and new places. Barus and Toba Lake in North Sumatera, revisiting Lombok, and perhaps Borobudur temple. Gonna do more sketching while traveling this year. But before all that, I’m excited to see Madonna live in Singapore.

    I hope you get all your travel wishes come true! I’ve heard sooo many terrific things about Turkey, seems that everyone I know who’s been there loved it!

  8. Moses says:

    Just came across your blog, and I’m glad I did! I made that (SD > SEA) road trip a few years ago, but just kept driving into Canada. I couldn’t recommend it enough. The spontaneity of road trips is what makes them so special. Looking forward to your future posts!

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