First Three Days in Ireland!

These past three days have gone by so quickly, I’m barely catching up on everything.

Between getting settled (which I haven’t done quite yet) and a friend from home, Justine, coming to Dublin these past few days have been a bit of a blur.

Coincidentally, Justine was in Dublin for the same days I was by chance and we ended up just exploring the country together and doing most touristy things, since I figured my friend would only be here for 3 days.

Day 1: Cliffs of Moher

We decided to take a tour through the country side and along the coast to see the Cliffs of Moher on a small little tour.  Look at how beautiful the day was not a cloud in sight, very rare and strange for the middle of December.  Our tour guide told everyone on the tour they should buy a lotto ticket because this is such a rare day and we were very lucky for such lovely weather.

Day 2: Housewarming

We had a little house warming party with my roommates and a few friends.  So we went to the city center for some bites, sights, and shopping.  Oh and also, I have roommates, Paul and Erin!  For some reason we haven’t gotten a photo together yet, but we will after I get back.  It was Paul’s birthday this week, so we did a little celebration that double counted as a housewarming.

(Sorry no photos of this!)

Day 3: Guinness Storehouse

On the last day, we decided to visit the Guinness Storehouse.  Most of my friends and family know that I don’t drink, but it was definitely an informative tour and boom pouring my beer like a pro. (I’ve been told I’d make a great bartender since I’d never consume the product.)  The top of the tour had a stunning view that was definitely worth the experience.

Tomorrow, Justine is flying home to California and I’m off to Scotland as my first stop for my holiday travels, so stay tuned for that!  Till then, speak to you all again soon!

Tiffany Le

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